GW2 Sightseeing

Introducing the Guild Wars 2 Sightseeing App!

A brand new way to explore Tyria

Guild Wars 2 is a game with a fantastic world, full of secret places to find and memorable locations - with the Sightseeing App, try to find locations in game from pictures of these places

It also allows you to submit suggestions for 🔗Guild Wars 2 Geoguesser with the click of a button, if that's your thing!


  1. Download the latest release from here →
  2. You will need to right click the Guild.Wars.2.Sightseeing.exe and tick the Unblock option if it's present, and press OK to apply the change
  3. Run the Guild.Wars.2.Sightseeing.exe file in the folder
  4. It will show you the setup page, follow the instructions and enter a Guild Wars 2 API Key
  5. You should now see a list of sightseeing challenges, choose one and get exploring! It will only tick off locations you find for the challenge you have open in the app
Made by Matt ElphickMael.3259 in game